Dominic is our misunderstood tennis genius. Although nowadays only tolerated on the tennis court, his real passion is an asset to Padel Furia. Don’t allow yourself to make too many mistakes in doubles with Domi. His temper is his greatest weapon; his mean trash talk has sent many opponents heading directly for a social beer.



Christoph is our jack-of-all-trades. He discovered padel while studying in Barcelona. Bumi is notorious for his vibora and bandeja hits, copied from the great Ignacio Garcia and which often end up on the net. He’s also known for his tortilla de patata, quite often accompanied with a glass of red wine and a carajillo on top.



Marc is our francophone. He only made it over the Röstigraben in his mid-30s. Now that he’s here, he doesn’t want to go back. Good for us – after all, Studi is our senior player. He’s been playing for many years, and kept giving us helpful tips – until he realised that we were slowly overtaking him. He’s now dedicating himself more to his favourite hobby, vin blanc.